Community Governance

Alamar Community Association

There’s a magical formula at Alamar. Your expert Alamar Community Life team is dedicated to encouraging a flourishing community that creates energy and human connection.

There is one nonprofit entity in place that’s goal is to keep the lifestyle experience in Alamar at its best: Alamar Community Association, Inc. (or ACA, for short). Cultivating a sense of stewardship and pride in Alamar’s shared spaces and assets is also central to the Alamar Community Life mission.

Board Members

  • President: Roger Theis
  • Vice President: Amparo Turner
  • Secretary: Kelly Hall
  • Treasurer: James Garrigan

Email to contact the board.

Governing documents

Community Charter & Bylaws

The Community Charter establishes a flexible system of standards and procedures for the overall development, expansion, administration and preservation of Alamar.

The Bylaws outline the governing operations for the Alamar Community Association’s Board of Directors including meetings, elections and voting.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation establishes the Alamar Community Association as a nonprofit organization that operates to maintain Alamar’s special community landscapes and unique neighborhood settings to enhance quality of life for residents of the Alamar community.

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